Support your Norfolk Senior Center

My best friend lost his mother this past summer.  Her name was Mary Kruse.  She volunteered and participated at the Norfolk Senior Center in Norfolk, Nebraska.  To honor her life and continue her example, we are going to run the Cowboy Ultra Trail-100 mile solo event.  It is our goal to help shine the light on this organization that is a valuable resource for the aging community in Norfolk.  The Center is currently raising $75,000 to help renovate portions of it’s aging building.   Monetary donations of any size are being accepted at: or at their physical address: Norfolk Senior Center, 307 Prospect Ave, Norfolk, Ne 68701.  Anne Frisinger is the Executive Director, Ph. (402) 371-8299.


We love the way helping others is making us feel.  We used to sit on the sidelines and say “that sounds like a good idea” but would never take action.  Well, we decided to take action and say “YES!” and reached out to them and found a way to help!  We took the first step-THE START STOPS most people.  We feel that any little bit of encouragement we can give or support that we can get them, will be more than if we had stayed comfortable.  We have never ran 100 miles before, but we are willing to try. We know it won’t be easy, but nothing worth doing should be easy!  Along our journey, we hope others will IGNITE their own passions and get outside their comfort zones to benefit others.  When we get uncomfortable together, that is when we can truly make a difference.  We all have a MARY in our lives-We are doing this for her!  Who is your Mary? And what would you do to honor them?


Please consider making a contribution to our efforts.

Donate Now – Help us reach our goal $75,000 for renovations of the Norfolk Senior Center