Meal/ Activities Survey

Do you eat breakfast alone or with others?

Would you prefer if announcements and table numbers were not done at lunch, instead open dining?

Would you like the noon meal occasionally changed to a supper or breakfast meal?

What would entice you to eat at the Senior Center?

Do you like to play card games?

What is your favorite leisure activity?

Would more exercise options interest you?

What kind of exercise are you interested in?

What would you like to have on a breakfast menu?

Do you eat breakfast? What time?

Do you eat your largest meal at noon or evening?

What time of day works best for you to come to the center to join in activities? (Check all that apply)

If you come, do you enjoy the dances?

If you come, do you like our Thursday evening Bingo program?

What kinds of music do you enjoy?

Do you like to play Bingo?

When you come to the Senior Center, would you like to: (Check all that apply)

Are you you health conscience with the foods you eat? What types of food do you enjoy the most?

If you are visiting for the first time, do you want the announcer to acknowledge you to everyone at lunch?

What food would you like to see added to the menu?

Do you participate in the clinics we provide? (Check all that apply)

Do you participate in our exercise classes? (Check all that apply)